Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many Continuing Professional Education (CPEs) credits can I obtain by attending the National Capital Region (NCR) Professional Development Institute (PDI)? Will it count towards the initial FM Certification course – Lead People requirement?

Your CPE’s are calculated based on attendance, please use “self-recording sheet” located on “2019 Program Home and Information” page.  In addition, Government employees can earn additional CPE credits by attending the Speed Mentoring session immediately following the closing ceremony.


This conference and speed mentoring session also count towards DoD FM Certification Program Continuing Education and Training (CET) requirements.  However, it does not qualify for initial FM Certification requirements for FM or leadership competency credit.


For more information, please refer to OSD policy guidance at


2. What are the D0D Conference Policies and Controls for this event?
DoD Guidelines Pertaining to Conference Approval - our event is compliant with all published DoD Conference Directives/Instructions [formal documents from the DSD and DCMO are available at], and not at risk for disapproval or cancellation.

1. ASMC National Capital Region (NCR) Professional Development Institute (PDI) is not a DoD-hosted event, but hosted by the ASMC Washington Chapter

2. NCR PDI meets the definition of a training event - we do not partner with any entity of the DoD to monetarily sponsor this event.

3. NCR PDI fulfills continuing professional education (CPE/CET) requirements for DoD financial management (FM) professionals - very economical $32 per CPE/CET credit

4. No travel/TDY is required for those individuals located within the NCR

5. No paid nor motivational speakers are used in the program.

6. No media/press is invited nor allowed to cover our event; video-taping is only conducted for our general sessions, as it is cost prohibitive, and provided for CPE credits post event.                                        

7. Collectively, no service (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Coast Guards) exceeds the $20K cost threshold for attendees.  In fact, active ASMC government members attend at no cost.

8. The overwhelming benefits of this annual professional development, training, and networking event has set a precedent over the last decade

9. This training is held in a government building (Ronald Reagan Center, Washington DC) to maximize benefits and minimize costs to our speakers, registrants, and corporate sponsors

10.  Our venue layout limits attendees beyond 1500 (under 200 per service)  


Conferences between $100,000 and $500,000. For conferences that the Department hosts with a total cost between $100,000 and $500,000, the officials indicated in section 2(f) of the DSD and DCMO documents may delegate approval authority to selected officials. Delegation must be granted in writing. No further delegation is permitted.  Again, the Department does not host this training event and over 50% of the revenue from this event comes from commercial members and corporate sponsorships.


3. What is the training fee for this event?
There are two registration categories for the upcoming ASMC NCR PDI depending if you are an ASMC member or non-member.  For the cost of ASMC annual membership, you can save significantly for our event as well receive numerous other professional development benefits!!


Government Rates:


$0 ASMC members who are current active duty military and government civilian employees only [government civilian badges or active military ID cards]


$40 - Non-ASMC members who are current Government employees


Corporate Rates:


$229 - Corporate/Non-Government Rate* [that includes retired government and contractors working onsite at government locations] for ASMC members


$279 - Corporate/Non-Government Rate* for non-ASMC members


*Both retired military/government personnel must pay the non-government registration fee to attend – depending on if they are current ASMC members or non-members. 

*All contractor employees [employed by commercial firms] – regardless of whether they are in the reserves or not [unless status is full-time duty as a reservist] – pay our contractor registration fee as ASMC member or non-member.


4. What is the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) for information reference Registration and Program Schedule?
Registration Link –

Program Link –


5. How can I become a Sponsor or Exhibitor?

For Conference Sponsorship Opportunities:  Rita Finney –, 301-938-8198 or Betty Ann Linegang -, 703-268-8065

For Conference Exhibit Tables:  Joe Nave –, 703-286-8862


Exhibit Table Details:

The space is one 60” wide by 30” deep table top and 2 chairs in the atrium, for interacting with conference participants and placement of collateral materials.  No electricity.  A free-standing display can be used behind the exhibit table.   The display cannot be longer than the exhibit table. 2 exhibit attendees:  Does not include full conference/or lunch. 


Manning Exhibitor Tables: 2 Exhibit Area Only Passes

Exhibitor tables can be manned at the discretion of each exhibitor.  There is no requirement that individuals need to be present at the tables during the entire conference.  However, it should be noted that this is the best way for exhibitors to engage with a large number of conference attendees. Badges with ‘EXHIBITOR’ designation will be provided (this designation only allows for entrance to the exhibitor area -- NOT full conference participation or Lunch). 


6. What is Speed Mentoring?
Pre-registered Government Attendees Only:  Sign up to participate in the Speed Mentoring Event. Speed Mentoring is a unique opportunity for Government attendees to meet with senior Government officials ("mentors") to get individual advice and ask specific questions regarding career strategy, balancing work and family, training and education, and other topics. “Speed Mentors" will host a small-group discussion of up to six participants for 15 minutes per round on a round-robin basis. Government attendees must select this session during the ASMC Regional PDI Registration Process.  Additional CPE’s will be awarded for attending Speed Mentoring.


7. What is the refund and substitution/transfer policy? - There will be no refunds or cancellations after February 20, 2020. In addition, there will be no replacement of personnel (substitutions) for free registrants. 


8. Can I use an approved Standard Form 1556 or 182 to register?
The SF 1556 or SF 182 is not a valid payment method. However, we understand that the ASMC Washington Chapter address and vendor information is a requirement on these forms. Please use the below address and POC for this requirement:

Wayne Whiten, MAOM, CFE, CICA, CDFM-A
6354 Walker Lane, Suite 300
ATTN: 2019 ASMC National Capital Region PDI
Metro Park
Alexandria, Virginia 22310-3252
(703) 797-8831 phone
(703) 509-1544 Cell
(703) 600-3831 fax


9. Can I use the Government Purchase Card (IMPAC) to pay for this event?
Yes, payments using the Government purchase card (IMPAC) will be accepted.


10. Can I use my Government Travel Card to pay for this event?

No, payments using the Government Travel card are not authorized or accepted.


11. How can I become an ASMC member?

Non-members are encouraged to join ($40) online at


12. How do I know what workshop to attend?

There will be a variety of workshops to choose from during both afternoon sessions.  Seating will be first come first served.  To meet safety requirements workshops will not exceed their capacities.  If a workshop is full you will be directed to the next available workshop.  Please see the agenda page on the ASMC Washington Chapter website for workshop topics and presenters.  


13. How do I sign up to be an On-site Conference Volunteer?
Please email Volunteer Coordinator Vonetta Kelly - with the following information:
-ASMC Chapter Name
-Phone Number
-Email Address
-Volunteer Time Preference: AM (6:00 AM-12 PM), PM (12 PM-5 PM), No Preference


14. How many On-site Conference Volunteers are needed?
For the ASMC 2019 National Capital Regional PDI, we will need at least 40 volunteers. Slots will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. If the available volunteer opportunities have been filled, your name will be placed on the wait-list.

15. Will the conference registration fee be waived for volunteers?
Unfortunately, ASMC cannot waive the registration fee for conference volunteers. All volunteers must be registered for the conference.


16 How will I know what my volunteer assignment is?
All volunteers will receive a confirmation email along with additional detailed information about their assignment's) prior to the conference. Please check in at the volunteer booth in the registration area upon arrival.


17. How long is a volunteer shift?
Most volunteer shifts are approximately two consecutive hours. All volunteers will have ample opportunity to participate in and enjoy the conference.


18. What if I have other questions about volunteering?
Contact Volunteer Coordinator Vonetta Kelly -


19. Do you have a survey where I can comment on the event?

Yes, you can find our 2019 NCR PDI online survey at


20. What time should I check-in for onsite registration?

Upon arrival, please report to the check-in area located at Atrium Ballroom to pick-up your name badge and conference bag. Volunteers will direct you to the check-in area where tables will be alphabetically arranged.  Please look for the first letter of your last name and report to that table. Speakers, VIPs, and distinguished guests will receive a separate email with their instructions. 


21. Can I get a conference/training attendee roster? Suppose I don’t want my bag.  Can I recycle it?

In line with our ASMC “Green” priority, we are distributing our Final Roster of attendees via email – there will be no hard-copy rosters provided on site in your check-in packets.  Also, there will be an opportunity to recycle your programs, bags, and conference materials as you desire.


22. What is the Dress for the day?

Business attire for commercial and civilians; duty attire for military


23. What time does registration open?

6:00 am and unfortunately, we cannot accept walk-in registrations at any time during the day of the event.


24. Once I arrive at the Ronald Reagan Center where do I go?

By foot, enter at 13th and Pennsylvania entrance, then take the elevator to the concourse level and follow the signs. By car, go north up 14th Street from Constitution Avenue and turn right into the 2nd, not the 1st Blue Public Parking Entrance sign, follow the signs to parking near the Penn Ave elevators, we are on the concourse level, follow the signs to our location at and around the Atrium.


25. Check-in Procedures

Upon arrival at Ronald Reagan Center, please follow signs for the Conference Center and the ASMC event, and report to the check-in area located at in the lobby of the Atrium Ballroom to pick-up name badge and conference bag. Volunteers will direct you to the check-in area where tables will be alphabetically arranged.  Please look for the first letter of your last name and report to that table. Free coat check will be available – please do not leave valuables unattended.  


Speakers, VIPs, and distinguished guests are processed separately, and will receive an email with detailed instructions.


Unfortunately, we cannot accept walk-in registrations at any time during the day of the event.


26. Clarification Regarding FM Certification Offerings at 2019 ASMC NCR PDI

To enhance professional development to our membership, the ASMC Washington Chapter has incorporated required DoD FM Certification Courses into our ongoing year-round training offerings. Much of this training is offered free or a minimum cost to benefit our members. In light of this, our ASMC NCR PDI will not offer FM Certification courses at our one-day event.  Full attendance at our NCR PDI will provide up to 7 CPE credits.

Please visit the ASMC Washington Chapter website to view “Free” FM training courses at  In addition, please feel free to contact Ms. Terry Placek, ASMC Washington Chapter Training & Education Chair at if you have any questions.


27. Information on the new Corporate Tech Talk sessions

On behalf of ASMC’s Washington Chapter, thank you for your continued support of our 2019 ASMC NCR PDI. We are thrilled to announce this year a new offering Corporate “Thought Leadership Innovation Bursts” for our Platinum and Diamond level sponsors. These “bursts” provide an intimate, high-impact venue for our industry partners to share insights on proven approaches/solutions for current and future DoD Financial Management challenges.

Platinum and Diamond level sponsors will have the opportunity to engage up to 10 attendees in thought leadership discussions as a part of our late morning and early afternoon breakouts - rotating over an elapsed 75-minute period. In other words, attendees can select to participate in two roundtable topics of their choice every 30 minutes during the 75-minute session. Once a sponsor area has reached capacity, interested attendees will be assisted by our room monitors to another topic area with capacity.


28. Will there be Wi-Fi available?

Unfortunately, the facility does not provide free WI-FI


29. Will there be a coat check and some place for me to store my belongings?

Coat racks are available. However, there will not be a designated coat check or place to store your personal belongings.


30. Emergency or Inclement Weather
If the Federal Government/OMP declares a two hour delay our event will start two hours later (Registration will open at 8:00 am and the event will start at 10:00 am).  If OMP closes the Federal Government our event will be postponed to a later date.  An email will be sent to each registrant informing them of the appropriate changes.  The website will also contain this updated information.  “Good weather” prayers are gratefully accepted.


30. What hotels are near the Ronald Reagan building?

To see hotels close to the Ronald Reagan building use the link below:


For Additional Information please contact
Wayne Whiten, Registration Chair
(703) 797-8831 or (703) 509-1544

Debra Del Mar, 2020 Chair ASMC National Capital Region PDI
(703) 593-6667

Thank you for your support of our premier training event!



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